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Stewart Farrar: Writer on a Broomstick


Photo Archive

Photography was always one of Stewart passions. During his lifetime, and as a professional photo-journalist Stewart amassed a large collection of Black and White, and Colour photos, slides and transparencies.  These included the famous photos of Alex and Maxine Sanders, which he and Janet were later to use in their books, but also less known photos of himself at work, as well as the celebrities, politicians and authors of his day.

To supplement Stewart Farrar: Writer on a Broomstick and in co-operation with Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone, we have included a sample of many of the photos which could not be included in the book.

Be aware that this site is still under development and more photos will be added over the forthcoming weeks.

Stewart Farrar: His early life

 Stewart as baby/young child

Officer Training Corps/Stewart in adolescence 

The War Years

Stewart in Uniform

Stewart Farrar: Journalist and Scriptwriter

 Stewart on the job

Journey of a Lifetime (TV Series) 

Emergency Ward 10

Dr Finlay's Casebook

Photos of Actors, Politicians, Celebrities, Stars etc. (taken by Stewart)

Stewart and Family

 Family Wedding Photos

Photos of his mother, father, and 'weavers'

Alex and Maxine Sanders and their Coven

 A Witch is Born Photo Shoot (29 unseen Color Slides)

What Witches Do Photo Shoot (B&W)

Janet Owen/Farrar

'...remember to wear some flowers in your hair...'

Janet and Stewart 


The Covens/in ritual

In Ireland

With other authors

Janet and Stewart: The Media Appearances

 La Clave (The Key) Spanish Television

The Late, Late Show RTE (Irish Television)

Janet, Stewart and Gavin

 Stewart: The final years

The Funeral: Stewart at Rest


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Janet Farrar 2008